About us


Diaspora Network Television (DNT) is a vision and brainchild of Jermaine Nkrumah whose decades-long advocacy for diaspora engagement has evolved into an unshakable passion. His complete conviction that a more robust set of policy overtures by Ghana and other African countries towards the diaspora communities around the world, at modest costs, has the potential of reaping massive developmental results.

“But it must begin with mutual understanding,” he says, in recognition of the reality that simple misunderstanding between nations and their diaspora forms the basis for mistrust and miscommunication that have combined to separate the two groups. DNT, thus, wants to be the catalyst for the needed improvement in relations that would lead to better collaboration.


A fully leveraged diaspora community for nation building

Mission Statement 

To broadcast programs and organize events with the aim of fostering mutual understanding between Africa and her diaspora for the purpose of collaborating more for development of the continent


 To provide a television broadcast platform facilitating information flow between Ghanaians at home and those abroad

 To create and broadcast programs that educate Ghanaians about diaspora issues

 To create and broadcast programs that educate Ghanaians abroad on challenges of their brothers and sisters at home.

 To pursue social programs aimed at fostering that mutual understanding

 To provide dialogue and information flow with the potential of educating policy formulation

 To redefine the concept of diaspora within the context of today’s flow of people from one country to another

 To entertain while educating the public

 To dedicate p to three minutes of commercial air time daily to the public for use by qualifying entities to deliver public service announcements (PSAs)

 To help elevate television panel discussions by holding our hosts and panelists to a higher professional and ethical set of standards

 To provide employment