“I Am Ghanaian” – Ambassador Aricana Chihombori Quao

The Diaspora Phenom HE Dr. Aricana Chihombori Quao has boldly declared her Ghanaian citizenship with a revelation that she was hired for her immediate position of African Union Ambassador to the United States as a Ghanaian citizen. This revelation came during an interview with DNT’s CEO Jermaine Nkrumah that is scheduled to air on the next episode of Diaspora Weekly.

Dr. Chihombori Quao was in Dallas, Texas as the Keynote Speaker for the African Diaspora Conference held on Saturday November 9 at the Omni Hotel in Park West in the Dallas area, an event which attracted hundreds of Africans in the diaspora from various African countries such as Ghana. Cameroon, Ethiopia, Benin, Kenya and so on. The theme “continental Free Trade Area Opportunities and Initiatives.

In the interview, Jermaine Nkrumah extended an invitation to Ambassador Chihombori Quao to visit Ghana saying “I’m sure the red carpet will be rolled out to you.” Her response was simple – “I don’t need a special invitation to visit Ghana because I am a Ghanaian.” A Zimbabwe national, Aricana Chihombori met her Ghanaian college sweetheart Nii Quao in medical school and has been married to him for over 25 years now.

Both medical practitioners, the couple had built quite an impressive business and raised a beautiful family together before her appointment in 2016 as the African Union Ambassador to the United States, a position she held until the 7th of October 2019 when he was abruptly and inexplicably terminated presumably due to her decision to publicly call out France for what she terms as the bullying of some African countries.

Dr. Chihombori Quao has apparently visited Ghana on many occasions quietly until her explosion onto the diaspora advocacy leadership level.

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