Plant More Trees to Battle Excessive Harmattan – Keegan Wang

A Chinese Real Estate Developer in Ghana Keegan Wang of Waylead Properties has called for the planting of more trees to combat climate change including the menace of Harmattan. Reflecting upon a similar climate menace he termed “sandstorm,” Wang attributed this year’s extensive Harmattan to the depleting tree stock in Ghana and the rest of the West African sub region.

“It happened in Beijing 2002 for two days, and although that was bad, these days in Accra here are worse than my experience in Beijing at that time,” Wang reflected. By all accounts this Harmattan looks more daunting the its previous versions. Parked vehicles typically accumulate a noticeable sheet of dust within minutes. Car wash entities are making a killing due to the virtually daily need for car wash.

“It’s quite serious and the countries close to Sahara should plan more trees to stop this,” Wang advised. Meanwhile the head of Forestry Commission of Ghana Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie popularly known as “Sir John has embarked upon an aggressive tree planting campaign. But his efforts appear to be retarded by the equally aggressive manner in which illegal miners known in Ghana as Galamseyers are cutting down trees to pave way for their illegal acts.

Who wins this fight between Ghana’s Forestry Commission and illegal miners will determine if the rest of Africa would soon become a desert like the Sahara.

DNT News