7 important things Government must consider before re-opening schools – Frantomapa writes

Deadly COVID-19 has shaken the world for the past fours months which Ghana was not spared.

In the process of fighting this pandemic, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa gave some directives which included the closure of all schools on 16th March, 2020 and schools have remained closed till date.

There is now a consultation on-going as to how school environment can be made safe for students to go back to school to continue their academic works without contracting the deadly virus.

Here are Seven (7) important things to be considered by government before the re-opening of Basic schools.

1.WE NEED TO GO BACK TO THE SHIFT SYSTEM. Classes must be resized to at most 30 students in a class.
This is to enable teachers and students to practice social distancing because most schools especially public schools have between 60-120 students in a class.

2. MORE TEACHERS need to be employed to meet the shift system mentioned above.

3. ADEQUATE PPE must be provided to teachers and students to enable them protect themselves from contracting the virus in order not to make schools a hotspot area.

4. PROJECTORS should be made available to all schools to reduce talking and ensure better and easily understanding of lessons.
( Favourable alternatives should be considered for schools in areas without electricity).

5. HAND WASHING must be intensified in SCHOOLS. Even though most schools are already practising hand washing, we MUST ensure there is enough veronica buckets, other hand washing items and alcohol based sanitizer in every school.

6. There should be NO SOCIAL GATHERING like morning assembly and worship in the school. If it would be practised, it must be done at the class level.

7. There should be NO EXTERNAL BREAK and games like football, netball etc which would bring the children together.

In all, only final year students should be allowed to resume first as a pilot to see how feasible the blue prints would be.


Source: CEO of Frantomapa Educational Aid